Abstracting Light at Galerie Almine Rech

Barbara Kasten – “Abstracting…Light”
May 6 – June 22 2010
Organized in collaboration with Olivier Renaud-Clément

Almine Rech Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Barbara Kasten in France in twenty years, “abstracting… light”. With this exhibition she continues the ongoing research residing at the core of her practice since the 1970s: the interplay between light and form. The exhibition will feature recent prints, as well as Polaroids from 1980-1981 and painted photographs from 1979, showing links and lineages between the different periods of her work.

The occurrence of light hitting a plane is distinctive from the recording of the same light thru the lens of a camera. A unique vision occurs through the optical prism that can be captured and ultimately printed, yet cannot be seen by the naked eye. As I directed light on various parts of transparent planes and studied it in the back of a view camera, multicolored abrasions activating the surface appeared. The scratches become a color field of drawing over a normally invisible sheet of plastic. The perception of a ‘thing’, a recordable reality of representation, is basic to the photographic process. In the series “Incidence”, the rendering of light becomes abstract interpretation of surface and form. However, I do not think of the photograph’s construction in terms of abstraction but as an event. Many abstract notions are conjured up as we view this unique recording of materiality. The synthesis of abstract form and our imagination presents a means of seeing the process of lighting. This phenomenon is the subject of my new work and exhibit ‘abstracting…light’.