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4 Things You Can’t Afford to Miss at miart 2017, by Hili Perlson, March 31, 2017

From design collectibles to context-based conceptual pieces, this small fair has it all.

“Though we would always say hello to each other at openings, it was only last year that we decided it was time to become better acquainted,” Kasten writes in the statement accompanying the joint presentation, describing how the fellow Chicagoans had visited each other’s studios recently, only to find out shortly after that, coincidentally, the curators of the “Generations” sector at miart wanted to present them together.

Here, Kasten’s meticulously built stage-size compositions and the intensity of light and color in the photographs she takes of them reverberate in Stockholder’s sculptures, with their unexpected materiality and erratic forms. The shared sensibilities in the distinct work of Kasten (born in 1936) and Stockholder (born in 1959) are in fact so pronounced that it is remarkable that they have only been paired together now.

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