Biennial//Farewell Photography

Leaving the Still Image: How high, wide, deep and flexible is an image?
Curated by Christin Müller
September 9, 2017-November 5, 2017

Berliner Straße 23
D-67059 Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Trisha Baga, Rosa Barba, Dirk Braeckman, Marcel Broodthaers, Georges Demenÿ & Étienne-Jules Marey, Barbara Kasten, Yves Klein, Daido Moriyama, Oscar Muñoz, Barbara Probst, Pétrel I Roumagnac (duo), Ed Ruscha, Buky Schwartz, Sebastian Stumpf

Today, more than ever, photography is a hybrid medium that we encounter in all kinds of forms. As a counterpart to How Your Camera Works, this exhibition chapter examines the medium’s opening and expansion. Its questioning will focus on recording perspective and outward appearances of image carriers, the temporal dimension, and the performative potential of photography.

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