Daguerreotype, Autochrome, and Polaroid. 1/1

Construct PC 5 B, 1981


The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
Moscow, Russia

19 November, 2019 – 26 January, 2020

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts presents the exhibition “Daguerreotype, Autochrome, and Polaroid. 1/1” in celebration of the 180th anniversary of the invention of photography. Visitors will have the chance to see unique examples of three rare technologies in the history of photographic art, which not only prevented the replication of images but were also the first of their kind: the first photographic image, the first color photograph, and the first instant photograph. The exhibition will include 115 single-copy pieces from museums in France, Austria, and Russia. Photographers: Louis Daguerre, Sergey Levitsky, Léon Gimpel, Antonin Personnaz, Stephen Shore, Helmut Newton, and others.

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