Just a Matter of Time at Galerie Kadel-Willborn

Construct V-A, 1980

“Just a Matter of Time”
July 4 – September 4, 2010

Allan McCollum, Barbara Kasten, Jimmy Robert, Katja Strunz, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jennifer West

The sequence of individual actions results in a specific present time. Past actions are part of this present, which is itself merely a passage to the future.  In different ways, the artists Barbara Kasten, Allan McCollum,  Jimmy Robert, Katja Strunz, Wolfang Tillmanns and Jennifer West literally “pass through” several material and formal qualities in their works. The analytical fanning out of original material features and the sequence of chemical, manual and physical alterations remain visible as traces in the present objects.

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Galerie Iris Kadel
Hirschstr 45
76133 Karlsruhe