Museum of Modern Art and Western Antiquities Department of Light Recordings, Section IV: Lens Drawings – Curated by Jens Hoffman

Marian Goodman Gallery
Paris, France

June 28 – August 2, 2013

Lens Drawings brings together a wide range of contemporary artists whose works outline recent trends and developments in photography. Yet Lens Drawings presents photography in quite a different way than a typical survey exhibition. Photographs will be shown in the gallery space as if they are relics of a bygone time and the actual cameras and lenses used to take them will accompany them. The cameras and lenses will be presented in two large cases in the center of the gallery, mimicking the display conventions of cultural history museums. Labels with extended captions will highlight what cameras and lenses were used in the making of the photographs and indicate which photographic paper and development process was employed.


The intent is to encourage the medium of photography to take a self-investigative look by presenting the (film) camera as an artifact from a distant era or different cultural context—something whose use value as an artistic tool is rapidly diminishing, while its historical curiosity value increases and photography as a medium is gaining an unprecedented form of popularity—mostly in form of snapshots taken with cellphone cameras.