The 5th Dimension

May 18 – July 6, 2013

Ricou Gallery

Rue Souveraine 54 Opperstraat
1050 Brussels – BE

Opening: Saturday, May the 18th from 2pm to 8pm

What is the 5th Dimension? From astrophysical research to esoteric speculations on internet, including Maya’s calendar – pointing out that 2012 was the time for ultimate telluric transformation described as “the ascension to the 5th Dimension” – theories aiming at legitimizing the existence of another Dimension remain uncountable. This represents a free and still empty space, detached from material contingencies maintained by an occidental rationalist system, known for restraining creative power of the mind. Such a state of mind may as well correspond to this 5th Dimension, that empty space giving free reign to the often vain attempt to connect our perception to a fleeting memory, a repressed feeling, an unfounded assemblage, floating deep in our soul. Something exceeding our comprehension.

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