The Stand In (or A Glas of Milk)

The Museum of Public Fiction 749 Avenue 50 Los Angeles, CA 90042 This is an exhibition whose arrangement is unstable, whose parts accumulate and change over time. This exhibition is like a surrealist exercise; nonlinear, non-narrative, symbolic and referential. During three months, in three configurations, we will involve artists whose work mirror these ideas. Artists who flex material and content to stand in for something else: a still life for a portrait, a film for a performance, a performance for a painting, a painting for a sculpture, a sculpture for a photo. A presentation, in iterations, within which we play with the promise that the exhibition is a medium in itself. Kasten is showing Shadow=Light, a digital video inspired by Moholy Nagy’s light modulator, ‘Light Prop’. As the artist’s sculptural assemblage of Plexiglas turn and reflect to capture light and transparency, it also explores themes of time, motion and space. While referencing to the notion of the Bauhaus concept, the artist continues her pursuit to break the limitations of photography and static images.

Shadow = Light
Digital video
TRT: 02:25