Think First, Shoot Later: Photography from the MCA Collection

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago,
MAY 18 – NOV 10, 2013

MCA Chicago’s in-depth photography holdings trace their trajectory back to the late 1960s, when the medium was reinvigorated under the influence of conceptual art. As in other areas of artistic activity during this period, a previous generation’s fixation on spontaneity, instinct, and truth to materials was questioned and ultimately replaced in photography by an interest in mass media and industrial reproduction, a skepticism of creative genius, and an uncertainty about any easy notion of truth. While modern photography in the first half of the twentieth century may have been guided largely by the “decisive moment,” after the 1960s, much of the photographic work circulating in the fine art realm could be characterized as highly premeditated, systematic, and staged: in other words, this work embodies an ethos of “think first, shoot later.”

1986_Architectural Site_8








Architectural Site 8, December 21, 1986, Loyola Law School,
1986, 40”x30”

1975_Photogenic.Painting_Untitled 33_LO






Photogenic Painting, Untitled 33, 1975, 30”x40”

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