Constructs 1981 – 1982


Construct VI C, 1981


Bortolami New York, NY
28 June — 9 August, 2019

Bortolami is pleased to announce a viewing room presentation of Barbara Kasten’s Polaroids from the early 1980s.

“At its core, Kasten’s work is concerned with the interplay of light, color, and geometry while challenging and manipulating her materials. Many of the components are staged in positions that rely on gravity to hold them together, lending them a sense of fragility and implying a mysterious existence. Kasten actively arranges each tableau; relocating lights, and physically moving in and around these constructions. Her work is theatrical: it is literally staged. The placement of these objects in space is a way of mark-making and the camera’s final output is a two-dimensional plane.”

Read The New Yorker review here.

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