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Bad At Sports Interview

Barbara Kasten Talks With Heidi Norton October 21, 2011 GUEST POST BY HEIDI NORTON As a photography student of the mid/late 90′s, Barbara Kasten was of great significance to me. I lost track of her during the first decade of the millennium, as the contemporaries of the Becher’s school (Gursky, Ruff, Struth) dominated the art market with their […]

New City Reviews about art in Chicago

Studio Construct 118, 2011 Eye Exam: Concrete Light Sep 27, 2011 By Regan Golden-McNerney Since the 1970s, Barbara Kasten has been developing a distinct approach to abstract photography. Inspired by the simple forms used by Bauhaus artists from the 1930s, Kasten begins her process by arranging basic shapes and colored backdrops atop glass and mirrors. […] Review

ARTFORUM 09.30.11 Author: Claudine Ise 09.09.11-10.15.11 Tony Wight Gallery Since the mid-1970s, Barbara Kasten has been making abstract pictures that reveal and exploit the medium’s underlying properties—in particular, photography’s dependence on light to record material phenomena and its tendency to flatten or otherwise distort the viewer’s perceptions of a given volume, spatial relationship, or object. […]